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Representing the 3th District of Nevada
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Heck Proposing End to Libya Operations

Jun 17, 2011
Press Release

Today, Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV) announced plans to introduce legislation early next week which will prohibit defense funds from being spent on operations in Libya unless they are required for US Armed Forces withdrawal.

Congressman Heck said, “I have consistently opposed our actions in Libya because to date there has been no clear national security objective articulated. No one argues the humanitarian crisis or moral imperative in Libya, but without a clear national security imperative, we cannot afford the cost in troops, or taxpayer dollars. Congress must insist President Obama abide by the law and either articulate a clear US national security imperative for our military action in Libya, or end operations there.

“As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, I read both the classified and unclassified versions of President Obama’s response to Congress, and he failed to articulate a national security imperative in either one. Without a clear US national security imperative for our military action in Libya, it is Congress’ responsibility to prevent additional defense spending for our operations there.

“During recent congressional debate on this matter, I did not support Mr. Kucinich’s earlier resolution on this topic because after 20 years in the military I know a fifteen day exit plan would put our allies’ lives in serious danger, and we should not compound the president’s missteps by endangering our allies when a slightly longer exit plan of 30 days would prevent that danger.

“That is why I will introduce legislation next week which prevents any additional defense spending for operations in Libya unless it is required to end our operations there. My bill will give our allies enough time to adjust their military strategy so they can continue their actions without our support and without endangering their lives.”


  • President Obama failed to adhere to the War Powers Resolution, which carries the weight of law, by not receiving Congressional approval for operations in Libya within 90 days of committing forces there
  • President Obama failed to adhere to the H. Res. 292 by not fully addressing the resolution’s questions within 14 days of receiving them