Congressman Joe Heck

Representing the 3th District of Nevada
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Congressman Heck Statement on Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief

Jan 15, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Congressman Joe Heck (NV-03) tonight released the following statement on the House vote on Hurricane Sandy emergency relief.

"Realizing the need to provide much-needed relief and support to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, tonight I voted for an emergency spending package that would have provided $17 billion for well-documented projects and aid programs in the northeast. I also voted for an amendment that would have offset the cost of that package by simply reducing federal agency spending by a mere 1.63% in fiscal year 2013. Unfortunately, that amendment failed. I also voted against a pork-ladened amendment that got added to the bill and was bloated with an additional $33 billion in spending on programs and projects unrelated to direct Hurricane Sandy relief. In the end, I could not in good conscience vote for the final bill, which wasn't paid for and wasn't going solely towards direct Hurricane Sandy emergency relief. As we work to rein in our spending and debt, government should be doing fewer things well, not lots of things poorly. We do have a responsibility to assist those who have been affected by natural disasters but not at the expense of ignoring our nation’s dire fiscal condition."